About us

Amali foundation it's a Dutch based foundation that stands for equal chanches for all people from the planet. Our foundation it's involved in creative social and cultural sollutions for a modern multi-national society.

Our organisation it's fund from other businesses we posess. We have no operating costs that we charge you for our services. So, all the money you will pay if you decided to come to our summer clases will be 100 % put to good use!

here down and on the homepage you can read more about the summet gypsy clases we are organising

This page is made for people that are interested in the gypsy culture and language! Welcome to our page!

Learn Gypsy Language .com

Our organisation is based in the Netherlands and organises Gypsy Language lessons in Romania
If you are interested in Gypsy summer classes and a hollyday in Romania take contact with us

The summer courses are intensive and from 1 week to 3 weeks ( ? ) long depending on the program that year
We have always 3 levels: Beginners, intermediates and advance (master) clases

Courses are courtesy of Prof Doctor Gh Sarau (Proffesor of the University of Buckarest) and the teachers at the cours from all levels are real life teachers of the Rromani language.

Summer Courses take place in different places in Romania, but moustly in turistic places, moust of the time in Costinesti, a beautifull place by the Black sea (fotos of the city)

Indication of the costs are:

the course price it's 300 euro all in for the course
plus the costs of acomodation and catering
This costs depend very much where you wanna stay, if you comminicate us your wishes we will try to make the proper reservation - an indication costs will start from .........a week for food and housing
you can sleep in a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stars hotel, caravan, camping, the choiche it's yours! you cand arrange your reservation or we can do it for you!

The courses are mostly during the day time and intensive, but you will have planty of time in the afternoon to visit some places near by, go to the beach and enjoy your learning hollyday. In the evening you can go out with the school group and listen to Gypsy singers that sing at the local bars and have a drink and relax

The meaning of this course it's to give you a first impression and a solide basis of the Rromani language and it's gramatics, expend your vocabulary, learn more about the Gypsy / rromani culture|
In your class you will meet people that are forming themshelfs to become rromani / gypsy language teachers in schools in Romania. With your tuition fee we will be paying trough our foundation the sallaries of the teachers for everybody! Our foundation has no administration costs and your 300 euros will be integrally used in the Rromani comunity to make this courses posible every year!

If the costs of the teacher sallary will be meet, the rest of the founds will be used to offer people scholarships for the summer course. (pay their housing, transport and food for people that otherwise could not affort it)

We love to hear from you and you are welcome to inscribe allready to our Gypsy summer language courses!

Amale foundation
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Tel: 0031 - 6 - 29 457 407